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Here at Stofpad, we’re all about community

15 Van Blommenstein St, Onrus River

Monday – Friday @ 09:00 – 17:30
Saturday @ 09:00 – 14:00
Sunday @ 09:00 – 13:00

Welcome to Stofpad Farm Deli

As a small neighbourhood business, we love our community and the chances we get to connect and reflect on all the cultures that make Onrus the great place it is.

With a focus on clean drinking water, speciality meats and quality deli products, when you walk into our farm deli, you are exactly where you are meant to be. The inspiration came from our love of people, camping, sunsets, fireplaces in winter and braais in summer. Not forgetting the Kalahari and remote beaches.


Counting under the braai loving South Africans, we believe the quality of meat is everything.

If you’re looking for a taste of something beyond the usual braai, come see what we have to tempt your taste buds. Our speciality meats are winners, and while experimenting with new food is fun, it’s also nice to have the reliably delectable standbys. Our deboned lamb’s rib and plaaswors are top sellers.


Passionate about authentic bread, and the tangy taste of sourdough, with its chewy texture, and humble appreciation of the constant feed-bake-repeat process in making sourdough bread, we have joined hands with Broodstories from Kleinmond.

Getting your daily fresh bread has never been easier or more delicious, with our selection that includes Ciabatta and other favourite breads such as the smoked paprika cheese, cinnamon & raison, and olive & herb options – perfect for any occasion.

Purified Water – Lafenis

We all know water, we all use it, so much so that it almost becomes invisible. However, when water scarcity hits (true test of character), we quickly realise water is a limited resource that should be carefully managed.

Passionate about the benefits of drinking clean and sufficient water on a daily basis, we offer customers purified drinking water, chilled from our dispenser or ambient from our self-service refill station.

Purified water is nothing but water that goes through a process where it is rid of all impurities leaving you with clean, safe and healthy drinking water. Unlike other forms of filtration, the process of purification does not strip water out of all its important nutrients and minerals that are naturally present in it. Opting for purified water for your drinking purposes, will definitely help in keeping your body healthy in the long run.


Bread & Tasty Treats

Enjoy delicious fresh bread and something tasty to enjoy like our Gluten Free Range of pies, wraps and pizza bases.

Meat & Biltong

Quality meat products, perfect and ready to braai. Come choose your favourite. We are happy to announce that we now stock Hartlief Cold Meats.  And off course, the best biltong this side of the mountain.

Purified Water

Bring your own container and fill up with our purified water, or buy any of our filled bottles. And great news, we even have sparkling water on tap!


We also stock beautiful gift ideas, handmade with love. Come try any of the delightful jams or sauces.

The local place to be

Stofpad Memories

Come take a journey down memory lane with us and remember the Stofpad you used to play on as a child.

Our homemade and handmade products will bring back the nostalgia and remembrance of good quality and wholesome food and family values. Welcome!